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Ballet Forever Dance Center FDC ballet school is ballet academy ballet school in Jakarta Indonesia with ballet international certificate and ballet national certificate. International Ballet Certificate in associate with Royal Academy of Dance ( RAD ) London, UK, Beijing Dance Academy and National Ballet Certificate in associate with Marlupi Dance Academy ( MDA ) Jakarta Indonesia. FDC ballet teacher certified international ballet teacher and FDC ballet studio made ​​according to international standard ballet studio.

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Ballet Forever Dance Center ( sekolah ballet FDC ) adalah sanggar balet sekolah balet di Jakarta Indonesia dengan sertifikat balet internasional dan sertifikat balet nasional. Sertifikat balet internasional dari Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) London, UK, Beijing Dance Academy dan Sertifikat Ballet Nasional dari Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) Jakarta Indonesia. Pengajar balet FDC bersertifikasi international ballet teacher serta studio balet FDC dibuat sesuai standar international untuk ballet studio.

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OPEN REGISTRATION DANCE CLASS for Ballet Class, Hip Hop Modern Dance and Kpop Dance Cover Class
Dibuka Kelas Dance untuk Kelas Ballet, Kelas Tari Hip Hop Modern Dance dan Kelas Kpop Cover Dance
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