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FDC K-POP dance cover k-pop dance school Jakarta programs, K-pop dance Forever Dance Center Jakarta Indonesia :

  • Practice K-POP Cover Dance from Newest and Popular K-POP Songs.
  • Practice Basic Hip Hop and Modern Dance.

K-POP Dance Performance :

K-POP Dance Class Duration :

  • K-POP Dance Class, 60 Minutes / Class / 1x a week.

K-POP Dance Class Fee :

KPOP Dance Class Promo : FREE TRIAL CLASS 1X 

K-POP Dance Cover | Performance Video | AchievementContact

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OPEN REGISTRATION DANCE CLASS for Ballet Class, Hip Hop Modern Dance and Kpop Dance Cover Class
Dibuka Kelas Dance untuk Kelas Ballet, Kelas Tari Hip Hop Modern Dance dan Kelas Kpop Cover Dance
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