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Marlupi Dance Academy ( MDA ) was founded in 1956 by Marlupi Sijangga in Surabaya Indonesia. In 1993 Marlupi Dance Academy began to take shape in Jakarta under the directorship of her daughter, Fifi Sijangga. Since then, Marlupi Dance Academy grew to more than 40 studios, 50 teachers and more than 2500 students in Indonesia.


Marlupi Dance AcademyThe Academy is manage by professional teachers dedicated to educate dancers to become the best. By having a highly – qualified team, the academy and the students will constantly advance to higher stages in arts education especially in dancing.

The Academy’s programs are : Ballet examination in alliance with the Royal Academy of Dance London UK, Ballet examination in alliance with the Beijing Dance Academy, Ballet theater performance, Students’ ballet recital, and Students’ Jazz recital.

Marlupi Dance Academy also significantly participates in such remarkable events as : Holiday course for the students held by the Royal Academy of Dance and by the Beijing Dance Academy, and International ballet and jazz competition all over the world.

Ballet Marlupi

As a major dance academy in Indonesia, Marlupi Dance Academy is committed to promote the standards of excellence in young ballet dancers. This is achieved by continually advancing Marlupi Dance Academy teachers’ knowledge and teaching skills through seminars and training, and also by encouraging their students to secure greater awareness of dance through stage performance and by having courses with renowned ballet schools.

Our Vision

To promote the fine art of dancing to the Indonesian public, specifically, in the field of classical ballet and modern dance, and to make our country well known abroad.

Our Regular Event

Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet and Jazz Recital

Marlupi Dance Academy Ballet and Jazz Recital is one of MDA’s core programs that is pre-arranged annually. The forethought of this event is to offer the students an opportunity to perform on stage in a theatrical standard of excellence, as well for the parents to have a memorable chance to witness their son/daughter’s accomplishment in their ballet study in Marlupi Dance Academy.

Students will get to work in choreographed steps in positive teamwork with their teachers and friends, regardless of whether they are appointed in a solo or groups. All this peripheral things are beneficial and the students will experience the pressure and excitement of being in a live performance.

Marlupi Dance Academy Video ( Click Next on Video ) :

Marlupi Dance Academy Achievement

In 2013
Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) represented Indonesia for the International Dance Festival in Lima, Peru, on June 2013.
Claresta Alim got promoted to join the full member of the professional company for the next season 2013 – 2014 by the Art Ballet theatre of Florida, USA.

In 2012
Michael Halim became the first male who successfully awarded “RAD Solo Seal” in Indonesia.
Maria Linsy was accepted in Goh Ballet Academy – Vancouver, Canada.
Cindy Kwan, Resti Okitaviani, and Kathleen Wijaya represented Indonesia for prestigious “Genne Award Ballet Competition 2012” in New Zealand.

In 2011
Claresta Alim was accepted as a professional dancer at the “Arts Ballet Theatre” of Florida, Miami, Florida, USA.
Ludvina Theodor was granted full scholarship from Chicago Ballet School – USA.

In 2009

Michael Halim and Maria Linsy Ariani (MDA students) participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition” and helped staging Indonesia as a contributing country in Ballet world.

In 2008

Claresta Alim and Irene Aryanto (MDA student) participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition”. Irene was successfully awarded “Solo Seal” and Claresta received one-year scholarship from The Joffrey Ballet School and now is further pursuing her ballet career with the Washington Ballet School.

Michael Halim (MDA student) participated in “Phyllis Bedells Ballet Competition” and was first Indonesian male candidate.

In 2007

Lianawati Alamsjah (MDA student) was successfully awarded “Solo Seal”

In 2006

Shintya Kumalasari (MDA student) was successfully awarded “Solo Seal”, and is now is one MDA’s teacher.

In 2003

Yanti Marduli was also known as the first bearer “Solo Seal” in Indonesia, and she then pursue her career as professional ballet dancer in “Manila Ballet Company”

In 2001

Yanti Marduli (MDA student) participated in “Genee Award Ballet Competition”, and was first Indonesian female candidate in the competition.

In 1999

Participated in the Australian Dance Championship and awarded in ballet category, jazz, contemporary and broadway.

one of the dancer was awarded “Dancer of the Year”.

In 1996

Seven junior dancer from MDA won the 1st place in the Ballet and Jazz Dance Caravan Competition in Los Angeles and won 1st place of the Tremaine Ballet and Jazz Competition in New York.

In 1995

Participated in Jazz World Congress in Nagoya, Japan and granted “Choreography Award”.

In 1994

MDA won the 1st place in the “Tremaine Duo Ballet and Jazz Competition” in Los Angeles.

In 1993

Marlupi Dance Academy won the 1st and 2nd place in “Tremaine Ballet and Jazz Competition” in New York, “I Love Dance Competition” in San Jose , and “Dance Caravan Competition” in Los Angeles .

In 1990

Marlupi Dance Company won the 1st place in the “South Pacific Junior Jazz & Ballet Competition” in Sydney . And at the same year Marlupi Dance Academy  was place 7th in  the “Modern Dance World Championship” in Zurich .

In 1987

Marlupi Dance Academy won the 1st place in the South Pacific Senior Jazz Competition in Sydney.

Marlupi Dance Academy Board of Directors

Founder and Principal of Marlupi Dance Academy
Marlupi Sijangga RAD RTS

Artistic Director

Technical Advisor
Rita Rettasari RAD RTS

Director of Ballet Department
Yuniki Salim ST, ARAD, RAD RTS

Director of Jazz and Modern Dance Department
Monika Djauhari, S.Kom, ARAD, RAD RTS

This is best place to learn and practice dancing ( Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Modern Dance )
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